Why Whatsapp Failed in its Latest Update?

Why Whatsapp Failed in its Latest Update?

As you all must know that Whatsapp has updated a new feature called WhatsApp Stories. This feature is in the replace of its old and awesome feature called WhatsApp status. But Do you Know this is one of the Biggest failures of Whatsapp till now? Why ? To know Just bare with us we are describing here the 3 main reasons behind WhatsApp Failure.

Why Whatsapp Failed in its Latest Update ?


This image shows you about the latest feature of WhatsApp. The latest feature contains Stories feature in it. Now we can post a picture story on Whatsapp. Every Whatsapp Story will last for 24 HRS, it means that if you have posted a WhatsApp story today at 10 AM then this story will be automatically deleted at 10 AM next day from WhastApp and you and your friends will be not able to see it after expiration.

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So this is the main feature that Whatsapp launched recently in its Update. But this is the biggest failure of WhatsApp, Why? Here are the top 3 Reasons why Whatsapp Failed in its new Feature –

We are listing the top 3 reason for WhatsApp failure in its new features. Just read this post below and find yourself.

1 Features are Not new

The features that Whatsapp launched are not new to people. People are expecting something new from WhatsApp but Whatsapp was unable to fulfill the expectation of the people. The feature of Stories is already there on Instagram and Snapchat, So there is nothing new about this feature.

2. Stories feature is copied

The story feature that whasApp launched is already there in Snapchat and Instagram. So this feature is totally a copy paste of their feature. There is nothing new to see in this feature. This is the main reason why Google failed in its work.

3. People was in Love with Whatsapp Status

People was in love with the old feature Whatsapp status because Status feature was from a long time. This is also the main reason behind this Failure. Whatsapp status feature was from last 5 years in WhatsApp. People never hated that feature then why Whatsapp thought to change this feature.

So, friends, these are the main reasons Why Whatsapp Failed in its Latest Update? We hope that you have liked our post. If yes Then don’t forget to Share this post on Facebook.

Why Whatsapp Failed in its Latest Update?
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This Post is about the update in WhatsApp after adding some new features like stories. But WhatsApp Failed in the latest update read this to know more about it